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You finish making Victoria's full-course meal with more than ten minutes to spare. You decide to read a newspaper while eating leftover apple chunks. 

"Queen's Guard Dog Hunts Down Opium Smugglers"

Well done, Phantomhive. My life's much easier with you around, you think.

At dinnertime, you serve Victoria her courses. She finishes rather quickly.
"Incredible, my dear, as always!" She compliments.

"Thank you very much, Your Majesty," you smile and bow. 

Victoria waves for Earl Grey to bring over a silver platter. He brings it in front of the queen and removes the lid to reveal a small cupcake frosted with cream. 

Everything goes silent for a moment.

"Your... Majesty?" 

Looking a bit annoyed, Victoria points her head in your direction, motioning for her butler to present the cupcake to you. 

"Eh? For me, Your Majesty?" You ask, slightly surprised.

"Happy birthday!" Victoria smiles. "You do so well, you forget to take a break once in a while, so I got my boys to make something for you today."

"You shouldn't have," you reason with a smile. "But thank you."

Earl Grey grabs your hand as you try to take the cupcake. You look up at him.

"You're tired from all your work, right? How about I feed this to you?" He offers with a sly smile and a wink. 

"No, thank you," you reply blankly, eye twitching slightly. You wiggle your hand out of his grasp and take the cupcake. The Earl looks disappointed, and walks off with a slouch to Victoria's side.

The two butlers and the queen look at you, waiting for you to taste the confection. You find that the cupcake smells unusual, but you take a bite anyway.

You regret it.

You gasp and choke the bite of cupcake down. The three look in surprise at your dissatisfaction. 

"Did you not like it?" Victoria asks, looking worried.

"What's wrong with it?" Earl Grey asks defensively. 

"No, it's truly very thoughtful of Your Majesty to prepare me a gift, but I'm afraid the sugar in this recipe has been replaced by salt," you reply as you regain your posture.

While Phipps looks at Earl Grey with a slight glare, the queen laughs. The earl crosses his arms defensively.

"I-it's not my fault," he pouts.

"Oh my, Charles. And you complained about making food for a servant. If you made that cake for me you would've been a goner," Victoria chuckles. "I'm sorry, my dear. I'll get them to make a new dessert for you at once."

"Please don't apologize, Your Majesty," you reason. "I am in no need of a present. In addition, we really should get to packing for your trip tomorrow."

"Indeed," Victoria agrees. "Grey, Phipps, please prepare my luggage for tomorrow." The two butlers nod and quickly leave for the queen's bedroom.

"What about me, Your Majesty?" You ask.

"Come with me," she says with a smile.

Victoria leads you to her study, where she sits down and reviews a letter. You recognize the seal on the envelope as the Viscount of Druitt.

"Sit, my dear," she points to the chair across from her desk. You nod and relax on the chair.

"What is this about, Your Majesty?"

She puts the letter down. "Lord Aleister Chamber is holding a large ball tomorrow evening. I am invited, but as you know, my dear, I am sailing to France to settle some arguments between financial estates, so I cannot attend. I would like you to go there for me."

"I see." You nod.

"As my official assistant, I expect you to be fully capable of going there alone, talking to people in my place. I wrote a message I'd like you to announce to the guests there," she explains, handing you a paper, which you fold and place in your pocket. "You're a guest of honor, my dear."

"Really?" You ask, amused. "Thank you, Your Majesty. But that's not the main reason I'm going there, is it?" You grin.

Victoria smiles. "Indeed. You never cease to amaze me, my dear. I'm afraid he is breeding some sort of undead monster in the basement of his mansion by using the bodies of the deceased. I've even heard some rumors that the Viscount is raising demons in there."

"I am to investigate this, correct?"

"Yes. I have something for you as well," she continues as she pulls out a fancy gown and a black suitcase. "This dress is for the ball tomorrow, but..." she trails off, entering a password into the suitcase. It opens, to reveal plenty of throwing knives and a bottle of liquid. "This is most important." 

"The gown is very beautiful, Your Majesty, thank you. May I ask what this liquid is?"

"This poison will increase the amount of pain experienced in the victim by tenfold, regularly leaving the victim unconscious. A single drop on each of the blades will do."

You study the poison, before holding up one of the knives. "This isn't metal, it's far too light to be metal."

"Yes. Do keep this a secret, these knives are made of silicon carbide. I had these made in private- this material has not been mass-produced yet. These are extremely sharp, and this is the hardest synthetic material we have ever made. The hardness of silicon carbide rivals that of a diamond."

You're surprised. "Diamond?"

"Yes! It's incredible what we can do, my darling. Please take care of these and hide them in the pockets of your dress for tomorrow. For now, I'd like to be left in peace, as I have calls to make. You may do as you wish for the time being."

"Yes, Your Majesty," you bow and leave the room, taking the suitcase and the gown.

In your room, you put away your dress and turn to look at the knives. 

I'm afraid simply increasing pain by tenfold isn't going to affect a demon that much.

You pour a single drop on each blade as instructed, but then you take out another bottle of liquid from your drawer and pour a drop of that on the blades as well.

Now this is effective on a demon, although I highly doubt a human is capable of raising demons.

You look at the time- you have a full hour of nothing to do until you have to help the queen with her bath, so you decide to take a walk outside. You slip the knives into the inner pockets of your cape as you put it on, and walk out.

Walking through the dim, now almost empty streets of London, you notice two fancy-looking people walk out of a cane shop. You quickly pull your hood over your head, shadowing your face.

Isn't that kid too young for a cane?

"Sebastian, I want hot tea when we get back."

Spoiled too.

"Very well, My Lord."

You turn to look at the butler. Something isn't normal. Oh my.

That butler is a demon.

You chuckle under your breath, and the little "lord" turns to look at you. You do nothing but smile under your hidden face, and he narrows his eyes at you.

This is interesting, but I don't think your father wouldn't be very proud of what you're doing.

Earl Phantomhive.

He opens his mouth but is quickly silenced by a scream ahead. You all look up and see a man trying to steal the bag of a woman. He finally gets a hold of it and runs off.

"Sebastian, get it back!"

"Yes, My Lord."

You decide to watch the chase, so you jump onto the roof of a building. You grin as you see Ciel turn around in utter surprise, realizing you disappeared suddenly.

He follows his butler into a nearby turn into an alley, where the thief has been caught. The woman thanks the noble for helping her and runs off. From the rooftop, you see the thief tied up against the wall, unconscious. 

"Let's go quickly, Sebastian. I need to find out more about the bizarre dolls--"

The butler covers Ciel's mouth. "Please wait, My Lord. I believe there is someone watching us."

You quickly back away from the rooftop edge. There could be trouble if he knows who you actually are.

But bizarre dolls? A thirteen-year old boy shouldn't be playing with dolls anymore.

"What?" Ciel says, looking around. "They heard me say... Sebastian! This is an order."

Oh my.

"Capture them!"

I don't feel like playing tag right now.

"Yes, My--"

"Wait," you call, and they look up at you in surprise.
Keeping your hood pulled tightly over your head, you drop down to their level. As long as they don't see my face, I'll be fine.

"You! You're the one from earlier!" The earl cries. His butler raises an eyebrow at you.

"Indeed," you reply. "But I'm not going to hurt you, so hear me out--"

"Who are you? Where do you come from? Why were you following us?" Ciel demands.

You shrug and sigh, with a slight smile. "Who knows? I'm bored and I found you two interesting. Can't we just put it at that?"

"Who do you work for?" He commands once again.

"And why should I be obliged to tell you?" You grin.

"Excuse our manners," the butler cuts in. "This is the noble--"

"Earl Phantomhive," you finish. They both seem genuinely stunned that you already know. However, the butler's face quickly relaxes and smiles.

"Yes, and I am his butler, Sebastian Michaelis. You should very much answer when asked questions by a noble, My Lady."

"I see. So I should obey your master because his wealth is greater than the majority of the population? That hardly sounds like the views of a demon," you laugh.

The two stare at you in complete shock.

"Just who are you?" Ciel demands once again, looking both nervous and angry at the same time. Sebastian simply stands, eyes narrowed at you, looking uncertain.

"I told you, I believe I have a choice. I. Don't. Want. To," you reply calmly.

"Sebastian! Capture her!" He yells.

"Yes, My Lord," the butler complies. He lunges at you with... butter knives? 

Oh my. I really don't feel like playing games today. 
But, then again, I guess this is a good chance to try out my new toys.

You throw one of your (new and improved!) knives at Sebastian, which he tries to hit away with the silverware lodged between his fingers. 

To everyone's surprise, your present from the queen cuts the butler's knives in half, but the trajectory of your blade becomes knocked over and hits the nearby wall. 

Sebastian looks shocked- to your satisfaction- and before he gets a chance to replace the cut silverware in hands--

You throw another blade.

And it cuts right through his chest.

Blood splats over the walls and onto the young earl's coat. Speaking of Ciel, he looks absolutely horrified. 


The queen's weaponry never fails to amuse me.
Seriously, that is incredible.

Coughing up blood, Sebastian kneels down, obviously in pain. 

"I-I'm sorry you have to see me like this, young master," he manages to sputter out.

"Honestly, you're apologizing to your master for something like this? You're really spoiling him, aren't you?" You mention, picking up your used knives. 

"What's wrong with you, Sebastian? Hurry up and capture her!" Ciel demands.

This annoys you. "You're being a bit tough, don't you think?" 

Ciel gives you a glare, but quickly turns back to his butler with an even angrier one. "I command you, the Phantomhive family butler, to do your damn job!"

Struggling, he stands up, but quickly kneels down again, frowning and holding himself in absolute suffering.

"I'm leaving," you wave. "Good--"

Sebastian manages to throw a knife at your head, and you lower your head to avoid it--

But it takes down your hood, revealing your face.


The two stare at you in astonishment.

Dismayed, you quickly pull your hood back up and run off.
I feel like a fucking sadist.
I guess I am one.

Chapter 3:…

I do not own Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler.
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