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"Before the beautiful dance begins, I'd like to let you all hear a message from Her Majesty, spoken from the beautiful lips of her very own assistant," he sings.

I swear, I will murder you one day, you think. 

You give Edgar a strained smile and he replies with a nervous laugh. 

"Please welcome, Lady _____!" He finishes.

You grin, noticing the shock on the faces of Ciel and his butler.

Oh, that's good.
It means they got my photo.

You slowly walk up the stairs and onto the center of the main platform. You give the audience a warm smile before beginning, which they all "ooh" and "aah" at.

"Her Majesty--"

"Oh my gosh! You're so cute! Your dress and everything!" A blonde girl in the crowd interrupts you. 

You chuckle and silently mouth out a thank you. Ciel tells her to "shh," cheeks red with embarrassment. 

"Ahem, Her Majesty is saddened by the fact that she cannot attend tonight, but she wishes you all a great time. If any of you had business you wanted to discuss with her, I would be happy to give Her Majesty your message. I'm truly honored to be here," you say as you finish with a bow.

The audience claps like wildfire, and the viscount tackles you in a hug.

"Oh, that was beautiful, my little robin," he winks. 

How was that beautiful? That was an announcement. A. Regular. Announcement.
You lightly push him off with a small smile. The audience chuckles. 

The guests give their attention to the viscount and you walk off.

"Well then, let the dance begin!" He yells fiercely.

The music starts to play, and you laugh as you see Ciel being dragged by his fiancee into the crowd of dancers. 

Well then.

It's time to go attend to the guests.

You walk around the large ballroom, talking to nobles and writing down their questions and concerns regarding construction projects, financial investments and other things that are utterly boring. Still, you keep a small smile etched into your face.

Suddenly someone hugs you from behind, causing you to turn around in surprise.

"Lady _____!" Elizabeth cries. "Your dress is SO cute! You look so pretty today, I'm so jealous," the girl pouts. 

You smile. "Lady Elizabeth, I have to say, you look stunning yourself." She cups her hands on her pink cheeks and turns around in embarrassment. Then she runs off, grabs Ciel's hand and pulls him over. Sebastian follows behind, with a grin.

"Lady _____, this is Ciel and his butler Sebastian!" She squeaks. Ciel looks at you, not smiling, but not frowning either.

"Nice to meet you, My Lady," Ciel mutters as he (reluctantly) kisses your gloved hand. 

"Nice to meet you too, Earl Phantomhive. Have we met before?" You smile.

Ciel starts to look annoyed, opening his mouth to speak--

"It's a pleasure to meet you, My Lady," Sebastian interrupts, causing you to smirk. Both of you know that if his "master" were to say something about the incident, things could get complicated if others heard.

The butler bends down and places a kiss on your knuckles as well. You giggle sarcastically and move your head beside his ear.

"Oh, how the mighty have fallen..." you whisper. Sebastian flinches.

You then proceed to walk to the drink bar and get a fruit cocktail. Elizabeth follows you and gets a glass of juice. 

"Lizzy? Why are you following Lady _____?" Ciel questions, looking uncertain.

Oh, they definitely think I'm dangerous.

"I want to be more cute, like she is!" Elizabeth exclaims. 

"You're more than welcome to join us, Earl Phantomhive," you smirk, sitting down at the drink bar and pointing to the empty seats beside you. 

Hesitantly, the earl walks over and sits beside you, Sebastian standing by his side.

"Sebastian, Earl Grey told me that you came back to life after being killed. I must ask, how on earth did you manage that?" You ask, sipping your drink.

"Simple. I never died; I survived the blows by the sword," Sebastian responds calmly.

You are one hell of a liar.

"Sebastian's incredible! He hardly ever makes a mistake and he can do almost everything!" Elizabeth cries.

"I see," you smile. "I wonder why."
Your grin widens as Sebastian narrows his eyes at you.

"Lizzy, can we talk in private with Lady _____ for a while?" Ciel requests sternly.

"Eh? Okay..." Elizabeth murmurs, obviously confused. She runs over to her brother on the other side of the ballroom. 

"What is this about, Earl Phantomhive?" You ask with a grin. "Do you have business to discuss?"

"Just who are you? Do you really work for the queen?" Ciel demands with a frown.

"Oh my, Sebastian didn't do a very good job finding out about me, did he?" You laugh. "Earl, I have absolutely no intention of harming you or Her Majesty. I only defended myself yesterday because your butler tried to attack me. Please do rest assured."

"I believe the question is how you know of the contract between my master and me," Sebastian corrects, "And about the poison that you have in your possession," he finishes, a slight tone of anguish in his voice.

"I'm sorry about yesterday," you laugh. "I hope you healed up nicely. Even I didn't think the poison would have the ability to burn off flesh."

Sebastian's eyes narrow. "Where did you get it from? I have never come across such a substance that would affect even a demon."

"Who knows?" You reply. "I got it from my deceased mother."

"Anyway," Ciel interrupts angrily. "How do you know about me and Sebastian?"

"It's "Sebastian and I," Earl Phantomhive," you laugh. "Sebastian. You've noticed, haven't you?" 

Sebastian looks at you, uncertain.

"That you can't sense anything from me."

The butler's expression turns into aghast. "Why is that, My Lady?" Sebastian questions, obviously in slight distress.

"Since you are bound by a contract at the moment, I shouldn't have any regrets telling you. I'm--"

A loud crashing sound breaks through the ballroom. 

The screaming, startled guests all back away from a large hole in the right wall of the ballroom. 

You all stare at the dark hole in uncertainty, until a growling sound from the pitch-black hole suddenly sweeps across the ballroom.

Crawling out from the darkness, the first mindless corpse makes its way out, a horizontal scar line clearly visible on its forehead. Slowly, more corpses come out, wobbling, dead and hungry for souls.

The viscount, shocked, waves his hand over his forehead and faints, only to be caught by his nephew. 

The panicking guests start to back out of the ballroom. The entire Midford family pulls out swords, protecting the guests from the undead.

You sigh. "I had a feeling something like this would happen," you mutter, and hop down from your chair, placing a tip inside your empty glass and putting it aside.

Ciel turns to you in alarm. "What do you mean by that?"

"You came here for the same reason, right?" you reply, whipping off your coat and tossing it aside. 

The earl looks at you in shock, standing up as well. "What are you doing?!" He cries.

"Taking care of these bastards."

You sprint off towards the now large mass of moving corpses. With a snap of your wrist, you whip out your knives from the secret pockets in your gown. You stop in front of the Midford family. With a flick of your arms, you launch the blades in your hands, each of them ripping through the bodies of the zombies. The wounds in their bodies suddenly turn black and start to enlarge, eventually turning the entire body into nothing but motionless black masses.

They can't feel pain, but their bodies are extremely weak.

"Run!" You yell to the shocked Midford family. "We'll take care of this."

They nod and turn around, leading all of the guests away.

"But Ciel!" Elizabeth cries, pointing to the drink bar on the other side of the ballroom. 

You wink at her. "Don't worry, Earl Phantomhive will definitely stay safe," you promise as her brother drags her out of the ballroom.

"Sebastian, what are you doing? Eradicate them as well!" Ciel demands.

"Yes, My Lord," his butler complies, and runs toward the moving dead as well.

Oh, this is going to be fun.

You and Sebastian exchange smirks before both pulling out your own sets of blades and lunging for the undead.

You kill off plenty of the bodies before noticing a butcher's knife on the roast beef table. You grab it and run towards one of the monsters, only to be beaten to it by two butter knives lodged into its neck, wiping its head clean off.

"Sebastian! That was mine!" You pout sarcastically.

"Shall we have a competition then?" He chuckles.

"Fine by me--"

A loud crash reveals a second, much larger hole in the left wall of the ballroom- right next to the drink bar, where Ciel is watching the fight.

I swear I think I'm being interrupted on purpose.

In of that black void, you hear loud stomping noises getting closer and closer. Eventually, the shadow in the distance steps forward into the ballroom.

Your eyes all widen at the scene- a gigantic mass of bodies, all sewed together in a gigantic human shape. You stare in horror as the monster turns its head to look at Ciel, who looks terrified as well.

"Sebastian!" Ciel cries in panic.

Without another word, his butler dashes between Ciel and the unexplained entity. Sebastian tears off the "head" of the monster- a group of three or four corpses sewed together into a ball-like shape- with his bare hands, but to his dismay, the monster continues to move towards the earl and his butler.

The monster, now more focused on Sebastian than Ciel, tries to grab the butler with its "hands." However, it only succeeds in pushing Sebastian away from Ciel. 

You run over to it as well, after killing off all the corpses on the right side. No matter how many knives you throw through it, though, the monster doesn't stop moving. 

And then another growling sound comes through the wall.
This is rather shorter than I expected.
If you can't tell already, someone's gonna die. So enjoy.

Oh, and if you ever spot a typo/grammar error on one of my chapters, please point it out and I would be happy to fix it.

Part 5:…

I do not own Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler.
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