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This is turning out worse than expected.

Much, much worse.

The wandering corpses walk out of the wall, lost and hungry. They turn their heads at Ciel.

Well, not so much lost anymore.

You turn over to Sebastian, and giggle slightly at his struggle to contain the undead monstrosity. 

"Sebastian! Catch!" You yell to him, throwing him the butcher's knife in your hand.

He catches it and gives you a smile. "Thank you, My Lady." 

You sigh at him. Honestly, being so formal at a time like this.

He then proceeds to carve at the monster mercilessly and messily, the blood of the corpses staining his face and suit. 

Not so formal anymore.

Taking out the remainder of your throwing knives, you turn back to the corpses that threaten to rip Ciel into shreds and begin to stab them heartlessly.

But as if they have hearts anymore.

Still, more and more corpses continue to spill through the hole in the wall, and eventually some make it past you and towards the earl.

"Sebastian! Help me!" Ciel shouts to his butler, who's still occupied with the monster. 

"Young master!" 

"Don't worry, Earl Phantomhive. I promised Lady Elizabeth I wouldn't let you get hurt," you declare with a smirk.

Sebastian looks at you, obviously surprised, but unable to refuse.

"You..." Ciel stammers as you run in front of him.

That's right.
I promised.
But not just to Elizabeth.

"Promise me you won't let anybody get hurt, alright, my dear?"

You reach into your dress pockets for more knives to slaughter the corpses with--
But there are none.

"Oh, and especially, my dear, please protect the boy."


Completely unprepared, you push the horrified earl behind you away from the corpses, just in time to save him.
You turn back around to the hungry undead...

...just to have them bite into your neck and shoulders.

"...Your Majesty."

Your eyes widen as your blood splashes out, over the walls and the corpses.

You fall onto the ground, a pool of crimson slowly forming around you.

I am part demon; a promise is something I will keep.
Still, this time I got too careless and messed up.

You watch with blurry vision as the monster in the distance falls to the ground, motionless, and a pink-eyed, angry-looking Sebastian runs over, jumps over you and begins cutting away at the corpses behind you- the ones that wounded you and the ones that threatened his "master."

You turn your head to Ciel, who's kneeling on the ground, shaking and terrified. "What's wrong, Earl Phantomhive?" You whisper with a strained smile.

"W-why did you save me? Now y-you're going to..." Ciel stutters.

"So you actually care about me?" You cough, trying to laugh. "I was ordered to protect you. Nothing more."

Suddenly the growling behind you stops and you feel yourself being lifted up.
"I'm truly sorry for being unable to come to your aid, My Lady.

Painfully, you tilt your head over to Sebastian, looking at you with utter dismay. Slowly, you shakily point at Ciel. "A butler... should take care of his master... more than anyone else," you whisper quietly. This causes his eyes to widen at you more.

I am such a good actor.

Of course, this hurts, but I suppose it would actually be fun to pretend to be human for a while.

"No, no, I'm alright," Ciel cuts in, standing up and walking over to you. He gives Sebastian an absolutely furious glare. "Sebastian! How could you let this happen?!"

"I apologize deeply, young master. I have failed my duties as the Phantomhive family butler. I--"

Ciel lifts his blood-stained shoe and kicks Sebastian's face.

"Not only did you fail to protect me, you let Her Majesty's assistant get injured! She's going to die, and I'm going to get unneeded negative attention!" Ciel yells, as his butler looks at the ground, blood dripping from his forehead. 

This brat.

"Earl Phantomhive..." you whisper out to the angry boy. He gives you a pitiful, ashamed look. "Can I ask you a favor?" He nods, and comes closer to you.

"Shut up."

Ciel's face suddenly turns into surprise, and so does his butler's expression.

"Don't be so arrogant. You weren't the one doing the dirty work. I'll approve of you screaming at your servants like that when you can do better than them," you cough.

Sebastian chuckles under his breath. "How kind of you, My Lady."

"Nobody asked you to live a bit longer by signing a contract with a demon. You give him your soul, and in exchange you get your entire life back, plus a servant that has to do everything you desire until you die. Clearly you're the one that owes more here," you finish.

"Don't say that to me! You're the one dying here! If it weren't for my butler you wouldn't be so brutally injured like this!" Ciel shouts.

"I'm just another person. You're the... queen's... guard dog, you've seen... plenty of deaths just like this," you mumble, eyes getting heavy.

I'm losing too much blood. If I were a human I would die within seconds from now.

"You might know something about my parents, I can't risk you dying!" Ciel demands.

You try your best to chuckle. "You'll have to find someone else, then. I don't do revenge... it's despicable. I have never understood... what good comes out of desiring revenge. Please, move on... Earl Phantomhive. Her Majesty... would want it... that way."

Revenge is pointless. It only weighs on your soul. 

Suddenly a mass of soldiers walk into the partially destroyed ballroom, with rifles in hand.

You black out as they run to you.

"You are a fool, My Lady."
"A beautifully desirable fool."

Your eyes open to complete darkness. You fumble around, realizing that you're lying down in an extremely confined space. You feel the walls surrounding you.

Velvety and soft.

You push the wall in front of you, to have one side open and a crumbly, damp substance fall in. You rub it in your hands. Dirt?

Oh no. 

You kick the door hard, and it releases, letting more dirt pour in. 
Annoyed, you dig your way out. 

With your entire body covered in dirt, you reach the surface, finally out.
I won't forgive the undertaker for burying me. 
You look up, to realize it's nighttime. Then you look around, noticing that you're in the center of the queen's palace gardens. 

She must have really liked me to bury me in her gardens.

Avoiding the guards, you escape the gates of the palace and run to the undertaker's shop. 
You slam open the door, causing the undertaker to jump from his desk. 

"AH! It's a monster-- wait, is that? AHAHAHAHAHA, oh, it's YOU! You look great!" He laughs.

You smile warmly, walk up to him and punch him in the face. He gets up slowly, nose bleeding, but still giggling.

"You knew I wasn't dead, and yet you still buried me," you state. 

"Well, everyone thought you were dead, so I didn't have much of a choice, did I?" He laughs. "Besides, you should thank me for putting your name back in your records. The police would've been confused to see you were missing from everything."

You sigh. "I suppose so. Thanks."

"Ah, it's no problem."

"How long have I been out in a coma?" You ask.

"Exactly a week. Your healing abilities are getting stronger," he giggles. 

"A week's still a week, though," you sigh. "Say, you still have some of that stretchy fabric I got for you a month ago?"

The undertaker nods.

"Can I have it? I'm in need of clean clothes and all the stores are closed."

"Sure, you can have it. Most of my customers didn't want such a bright color to surround their dead anyway."

After a much-needed shower, you cut and stitch the thick fabric into a tight-fitting pair of pants and a slightly looser top. 
Then you tie up your boots and prepare to walk out the door.

"Where are you going?" The undertaker asks.

"The Phantomhive estate. They have something that belongs to me."

"At this time?"

"Hey, I'm "dead," I can go wherever I want."

"Then take this," he giggles, throwing you your cape from the party.

"How did you...?"

"It was left behind after your supposed "death," so a certain butler picked it up."

"I see. Thanks," you reply as you walk out the door, pulling your hood over your head.

You run as fast as you can over to the Phantomhive mansion, avoiding any carriages that are out at this time. 

It would be rude of me to knock at this time in the evening.

You walk into the Phantomhive gardens, in hope of finding someone there to help you get in, without making too much noise.

You suddenly hear a loud bang and turn around, catching a bullet between your fingers, just before it goes through your face. You look up at the roof of the mansion, to see three shadows in the moonlight. One of them...

...hurls a statue at you?

You barely dodge it, and step out from behind it.

"That wasn't very nice!" You shout to the figures in the distance.

"We're sorry!" The three shout in unison, as the tallest figure pulls out an object that looks kind of like a cannon.

It's a bit small for a cannon, though. You see a brief flash of light, possibly ignition, and then a ton a banging sounds occur, making you hide behind the thrown statue to avoid the rain of bullets threatening to tear you apart. 

I've had enough of this.

You take the bullet in your hand and throw it far- into the gears of the machine gun- and it explodes, knocking out the three figures.

You sigh and come out from behind the statue, taking a sharp shard of broken statue with you. This place is weird. Walking closer to the mansion, you pass a large window, and through the slit between the closed curtains, you see Ciel, sleeping in his bed.

He almost looks cute.

Suddenly you notice the window is open, just a bit, almost welcoming you in. Quietly, you open the window more, just enough so that you can climb in. You step into the earl's bedroom--

And immediately point the sharp piece of marble to your right.

A certain surprised butler looks down at the piece of rock being pointed at his neck. You look at him and sigh.

"Oh, good, it's only you," you say, relieved. Then you throw the shard of marble out the window, surprising Sebastian even more. 

"And you are?" The butler questions.

You pull off your hood, shocking Sebastian.

"Hey," you smile.

"You're alive, My Lady?" Sebastian whispers in disbelief.

"Indeed. I suppose it's obvious now that I'm not human, but let me tell you this," you explain.
"A prepared fool, is not a fool."
The next chapter will probably tell you about what happened during your "death."
Eh... I hope you enjoy?

Oh god I'm so disappointed in this chapter I don't even

Part 6:…
I do not own Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler.
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