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"Sebastian, what's with all the ruckus--"
Ciel sits up from bed, to see two figures, shadowed by the moonlight.

Ciel looks at the taller figure, Sebastian, who seems both dazed and shocked at the same time, looking at the shorter figure.

Is that...? 

The shorter figure turns her face to Ciel, wearing a warm smile on her face. 

"Earl Phantomhive. I trust you have been well?" She asks smoothly. 

"Lady _____!" Ciel practically yells. "You're..."

"Please calm down, Earl," she requests quietly. "Yes, I am alive, and I'll explain everything soon. For now..." she looks at the spaced-out butler with a grin.

"Sebastian! What are you doing?! Hurry up and explain this!" Ciel demands.

Sebastian flinches and regains his straight composure, turning the half-demon's grin into a snicker. "Lady _____ is a half-demon, My Lord, daughter of a human and..." he walks up to Ciel and whispers a name in his ear. Ciel's eyes shoot open.

"Are you serious?" He asks in a loud whisper. 

"You know, you could just call my mother The Banished One instead of her actual name," she suggests, slightly annoyed. The two look back at her.

"What are you here for, lost princess?" Ciel asks sharply.

"Don't call me a princess. My mother was banished before I was born, so I am no princess. What a despicable title, stepping on the poor while claiming to help them."

"My Lady is here for her possessions, correct?" Sebastian smiles. "I shall go retrieve them. Please wait here," he says as he walks toward the bedroom door, leaving behind a shocked Ciel.

"You really trust me, don't you? Leaving me here alone with your master," she chuckles.

Sebastian stops in his tracks. 
What am I doing? 
"Well, My Lady, I trust that you mean no harm to the master," he says, keeping a fake smile plastered on his face.

"You dodged a bullet there, Sebastian. Be more careful next time," she smiles menacingly.

Sebastian leaves the room, clouded with uncertainty.

Your POV

"So, care to explain what happened when I was "dead?" I'd love to know," you ask Ciel.

"Honestly, the fact that you had to pretend to die irritates me. I gained a lot of enemies!"

"I didn't have a choice. Those wounds would've been fatal on a human, and I simply blacked out, Earl. I may be immortal, but I'm only half-demon."

"But your mother was a talented wo-- demon."

"If she was still alive, she could beat up Sebastian in a fight without breaking a sweat," you chuckle. "I suppose I'm equal to him."

Ciel (actually) chuckles. "Oh, by the way. Do you know anything about my parents?"

You look up, thinking. "I was actually out that night. Your mother had sent me to run some errands. I remember arriving back at the manor, to be greeted by nothing but ruin."

Ciel looks down. "I see."

"She was a kind woman. It's disappointing for a couple like that to die. I would've much rather had the Roberts been burned down. They abused their kids."

"I'll tell you what happened in the past week, then." Ciel begins. He talks about the aftermath and the funeral, as well as people's reactions (which you laugh at). 

"I see. Let's discuss this more tomorrow," you finish. "I'm slightly dizzy. I think I need more time to fully recover." 

"Then stay in my manor for a while. I can hide you here, and it's also more convenient for you to answer my questions," Ciel suggests.

You give him a smile.

"Thank you."

Sebastian walks back into the room with a black bag, handing it to you.

"Here you are, My Lady. Your knives and poison are all inside of this bag," he smiles.

You open the bag, counting all of the knives and checking the bottle of blood. 
All here.

"That took a really long time," Ciel complains. 

"I'm sorry, My Lord; I had to scold Finny for walking around at this time of night."

You shift your gaze to Sebastian's shoulder and lean in, picking off a black strand of hair off of his coat.
"Liar. I found cat hair on one of my knives. You don't want him to know, do you?" You whisper.

"Oh my. Mind keeping a secret?" He whispers back.

"What are you two doing?" Ciel pouts. 

You give a small nod and sit back to your original position. "Nothing, Earl."

"May I ask, My Lady, what are those knives made of?" Sebastian questions.

"To put it simply, it's sharp enough to cut metal, but not hard enough to cut a death scythe, if that's what you're wondering," you explain.

Sebastian nods. "Would you care to explain the blood, as well?" 

"It's my blood; I spent a whole week completely separating my human blood cells from the ones that I got from my mother. They say that the more beautiful something is, the more dangerous it is. This saying is true- literally. It's a rare but extremely effective weapon, so please don't tamper with it... again," you finish, raising an eyebrow at Sebastian, who stares into the distance blankly.

I can feel it. Three drops are missing.

"Sebastian! Lead Lady _____ to a guest room. She'll be staying with us for a while, until we can figure everything out," Ciel orders.

"I never even agreed to this, but why not," you laugh. 

"Yes, My Lord. Follow me, My Lady," Sebastian smiles.

Regular POV

The two walk through the dark halls of the manor in silence.

"You didn't answer my question, demon," the girl begins.

"I'd prefer you call me Sebastian. I have a name, after all," he requests, agitated.

"All right then, Sebastian, you didn't answer my question--"

"Here we are," he interrupts, opening a door. "I have prepared a nightgown on the bed. I hope you sleep well, My Lady."

She sighs and walks in. "Honestly, your method of avoiding things is childish. If you really don't want to answer my question, just tell me."

"I don't want to tell you, but the reason for it is much more different than you think," he smiles.

"I'm guessing that you're not telling me because you're plotting to kill me or eat me. I hope I'm wrong," she laughs. "Anyway, I can handle myself from here. Night."

"Good night, My Lady," Sebastian smiles again, closing the door. He stands at the door blankly for a moment before heading off to handle work.
I simply don't want you to think of me as strange.

"Is that really the reason?" 

Sebastian jerks around to see a figure cloaked in black leaning against the wall, giggling faintly in the dim candlelight. 

"Who are you?" The butler asks, stoic.

"Oh, my. Have you really forgotten me? I like paper airplanes, remember?"

"Undertaker. Why are you here?"

"I'm just here to retrieve a friend of mine. She's staying here, right?" He giggles.

Sebastian's eyes widen. "You... I'm afraid she's staying here."

"What have you done to yourself, butler? I can't believe you actually followed the directions of my note. Now you're kicking yourself over that girl." 

"I've been under that spell for a long time," Sebastian chuckles. "I've been waiting for so long, don't you think I deserve a little something?"

The undertaker's smile fades. "I'm serious, demon. I want her back. She's much better off not knowing what's going on." 

"Then I'm afraid she's going to have to know what's going on. If my master orders it, I will take care of it. In this case, I approve of his orders." 

"Remember what I did to you on the Campania? I'll do it again, y'know," the undertaker laughs.

"So be it. An injury now is absolutely worthless compared to the Lady. Besides, what would she think of you if you did something?" Sebastian snickers.

"I see. You're really attached to her, butler. Well, then. Have fun," the undertaker says blankly, jumping out of a window and disappearing.

"You're quite popular, My Lady. This could be quite troubling," Sebastian mutters under his breath.

Your POV

Your eyes open to light. You sit up, noticing a dress on the table beside your bed. Quickly slipping out of bed and changing, you look at the clock. 

6:30 am.
Ciel's going to be up in half an hour.

You look at yourself in the mirror, combing your hair and fixing your dress here and there. You slip your knives into crevices on your dress and leave the room.

Looking around the mansion, you notice a nice smell. You look into a large room with four people sitting tiredly on a table. 

"I can't believe that happened last night!"
"My hair poofed up, yes!"
"I wonder who that was..."
"I'm sorry I couldn't help you three yesterday. Emily was sick, says--"

"Hello," you smile, grabbing their attention.

"You're Lady _____! It's nice to meet you, yes!" The pink-haired girl greets. "Wait. _____. That sounds familiar for some reason. Oh well," she laughs. "I'm Mey-Rin, the maid!"

"I'm Finny, the gardener!" A cheerful blonde boy greets.
"I'm Bardroy, the one-and-only-cook!" 
"I'm Snake. I'm the footman."

"Goodness me, you're all very energetic," you laugh. "So, what was it that happened last night?"

"We were attacked! Sebastian woke us up this morning, and it turned out we were on the roof, passed out!" Finny cries.

You let out a nervous laugh. Sorry, you think.

Snake suddenly turns pink. 

"What's wrong? Do you have a fever?" Bard laughs.

"Uh, My Lady, you're very pretty... says Wilde," Snake stutters, trying to sound monotone.

"Is that Wilde?" You point at the reptile slithering around his ear. Snake nods stiffly. "Thank him for me," you smile. Snake nods quickly again.

"Earl Phantomhive's going to wake up in a bit. Shouldn't you be preparing breakfast?" You ask the cook.

"Nah, Sebastian does it all the time," Bard replies, annoyed.

Well, so much for being the one and only cook.

"What do I do all the time?"

"Sebastian!" The servants yell, standing up straight quickly and nervously.

"Good god, you startled me," you chuckle, turning around, meeting the gaze of the butler. "We were just talking about how you do everything around here," you smirk.

"My Lady, you're up early. You could have, at the very least, rung the bell to let me know," Sebastian sighs.

"You don't need to know everything," you tease. "So, what are you here for?"

"I have to prepare breakfast for the young master."

"Can I help?" You offer.

"You are our guest. I cannot possibly let you--"

"What are you, scared I'll do a better job than you?" 

The servants back into a corner, whispering.

"If you insist, My Lady. I must ask, why would a noble like you know how to cook?" 

"I learned to cook as a child," you lie. "It was my hobby."

"Are you two gonna compete?" Bard shouts out. Sebastian's face turns into shock, while you develop a grin on your face.

"That's a great idea, Bard! Let's have a contest, Sebastian!" You demand.

"I must object, My--"

"Are you refusing a noble?" You smirk.

Sebastian sighs. "No. Go on."

"The winner is the one who can satisfy Earl Phantomhive's tastes the most. The winner gets a single request from the loser, who they have to carry out," you continue.

I have to win. Who knows what ridiculous order he'd make?

Regular POV

"Any request?" Sebastian looks at her in awe, obviously trying to keep his excitement to himself.
Demons always keep their word. I'll win this and put that request to good use.

She nods and points to the clock. 
"There's about 20 minutes until the earl wakes up. We start... now!"

The two rush off to separate counters, preparing ingredients. The four servants sit around the table in amazement, trying to take note of their every move.

"There's no way she'll beat Sebastian..." Finny pouts. 
"She's fast though!" Mey-Rin notes.
"But so is Sebastian," Bard cheers excitedly.
"This smells good, says Emily," Snake says quietly.

"Lady _____! What are you making?" Mey-Rin asks excitedly.

"Strawberry shortcake, with a Denver Scramble as a side," she replies, moving around quickly, cracking eggs and whisking.

"That sounds delicious..." Mey-Rin whispers.

"Sebastian, what are you making?" Finny asks.

"It's a secret," he replies with a smile.

The two seem to move in a blur, chopping, mixing and sauteing, until suddenly they both turn around and bump into each other. 

Surprised, the girl falls backward, but the butler grabs her arm and pulls her back up, making her land in his arms.

"Sorry about that. How clumsy of me," she laughs, quickly pushing him away.

"Don't mind it, My Lady," Sebastian replies with a smile, and the two quickly walk back to their counters.
I have to say, it felt strangely pleasant to be able to see her vulnerable like that. 
Perhaps it's because...

"Time's up!"

...I want to be able to protect her.
I'm back after a whole week! Sorry for the long wait.
I'm happy with the positive feedback I've been receiving, I'm glad you're enjoying this.
Hopefully you enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 1:…

Chapter 8:…

I do not own Kuroshituji/Black Butler.
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